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Chest Shops allow players to buy and sell items directly to one another in any location without pay limits, taxes, or risk of scamming. The owner of the chest shop does not have to be present for purchases to take place, allowing customers to shop or sell at their convenience even when the owner is busy or offline. There is no level, rank, or donor-rank requirement to use this feature.

How To Create a Chest Shop

In order to create a chest shop you will need:

  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Sign
  • At least one item of the type you wish to buy or sell
Chest Shop Tutorial on display at /Warp Mall

Place the chest and then shift+right-click the sign onto the chest. There are four lines for text on the sign which should be filled out as follows:

Line 1 - Leave this line blank. The plugin will automatically assign this shop to your player number here.

Line 2 - Enter the number of items that will be bought/sold each time the sign is clicked. This number can exceed the stack-size for that item, but may not exceed the available inventory of the chest. (For example you could sell 100 Cobblestone, but not 100 Cakes.)

Line 3 - Enter B (for buy-shops) or S (for sell-shops) followed by a single space, then the amount of money that will be exchanged each time the sign is clicked. Remember when creating chest shops that the sign is meant to be read from the customer’s perspective; will they be (B) Buying items from you, or (S) Selling items to you?

Line 4 - Leave this line blank. The plugin will automatically read the items inside the chest and display the name (or as much of the name as will fit) in this line. If there are no items in the chest, this line will say EMPTY

Once you have filled in the info needed on lines 2 and 3 of the sign click the Done button. If you have filled everything out correctly you will receive a message in chat which says, "Shop You have created a chest shop"! You can now place an item into the chest to set the item type. Items names which exceed the sign’s character limit may appear cut off on the final shop. Even if you intend for customers to sell an item to you, you will still need at least one of the desired item in the chest at all times in order for them to do so.

Left: Here visitors may buy 8 dirt blocks from the chest shop, which will cost them a total of $400. Middle: At this shop visitors may sell 32 dirt blocks to the chest shop owner and be paid a total of $1600. Right: This sign shows that visitors could buy 64 of an undetermined item from the chest shop for a total price of $3200, but the chest has no items inside to purchase.

Using Chest Shop

Players can right-click on the Sign portion of a chest shop to purchase items from a shop or to sell items from their inventory. You do NOT need to be holding an item in your hand to sell it; it is, in fact, much safer to perform transactions with an empty hand, especially when attempting to sell something that could be placed or thrown.

There are many times when you might like to see more information about the item you would be buying from a shop than is listed on the sign, such as the full name of the item (when the name exceeds the displayed character limit) as well as what it looks like, what enchantments are on it, or what durability the item has.

It is difficult to see what this shop is selling because the name has been cut off. By previewing the item we can not only see the full name but also what enchants it has.

You can preview the item by right-clicking the Chest portion of the chest shop. This will open a GUI which lists the name of the shop owner at the top as well as showing their head on the middle-left side, and will show an icon of the item being bought/sold on the middle-right. Hovering over the item will allow you to see the full tooltip for the item being sold.


Chest Shops are capable of selling items for much higher prices than the Pay command or the Auction House, but Cultivate’s rules regarding overpricing still apply to Chest Shop transactions. Paying disproportionate amounts of money for ANY item using Chest Shops will result in balance and rank resets for all parties involved. Items cannot be priced over Server Shop, and paying a premium for crafted items is not allowed.

The number of items that can be sold at once is determined by the stack size of the item and the inventory space of the chest shop. The maximum number of items which can be bought/sold at once are as follows:

  • For items which do not stack (such as Cake) chest shops cannot buy/sell more than 27 for a single chest, or 54 for a double-chest.
  • For items which stack in 16 (such as Eggs or Signs) chest shops can buy/sell up to 432 for a single chest, or 864 for a double-chest.
  • For items which stack in 64 (such as Cobblestone) chest shops can buy/sell up to 1,728 for a single chest, or 3,456 for a double-chest.

Developmental Notes

This Chest Shop plugin is exclusive to Cultivate! While there are many versions of this plugin available, the one seen here is coded and maintained as part of Cultivate's massive code-base. Any bugs that may pop up with Chest Shops, can be patched by us in a much quicker manner than any public resource available. This also means that we have a lot of customization and control as to how this system works. If there are any additions you'd like to see to the Chest Shop system, let someone know!