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Auction House is a Player to Player GUI based marketplace. Eligible players are able to buy and sell things to each other using this feature.



See Ranks for more information.

  • /ah - Opens the Auction House.
  • /ah sell <cost> - Sells the item stack you are holding to the Auction House. <cost> argument refers to the cost of the item you are listing.
  • /ah listings - View the items you are selling.


Here is a quick video showing the following features of the Auction House:

  • Selling items inside of the menu.
  • Button functionality inside of the Auction House GUI (/ah).
  • Item retrieval steps when removing a listing from AH.


  • Players can only list a maximum of 9 items.
  • Players can only sell/buy items for a maximum of $50,000.
  • Listings are on the Auction House for 3 days. If they are not purchased in this time, they are moved to /ah expired.
  • Rule 12 enforced these limitations! Purchase Price of an item must be somewhat similar to the item you are buying.