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Claiming is the process used on Cultivate to protect your land. When land is claimed, only people who are given access to the land, can modify it. This is extremely helpful to avoid your land being changed in any way that you may not like. Modifying land without permission is against the rules. This is NOT dependent on whether or not the land is claimed.

How To Claim

Here is a short video showing how to claim on Cultivate. There are many resources on how to do this, and they will all be added in this section. 1. Type /claimlist or equip a Golden Shovel to find how many claim blocks you have available. You can get a shovel from '/kit 0' or '/kit claim'. 2. Using the shovel, right-click on a block outside your home. The chosen block will highlight in diamond. 3. While holding the shovel, right-click on a block opposite the &bone you just highlighted. It will create a claim. 4. Now when you type /claim, your plot will be highlighted in Glowstone & Gold. 5. You can also equip a stick and right-click the ground within a claim for more information.

You can view a demonstration of this here.

Claim Blocks

When joining the server for the first time, you will receive a total of 1000 claim blocks. You earn Claim Blocks at a rate of 100 blocks per hour, and can also earn them from Voting, Donor Ranks, or separately on the webstore. From playtime, you can earn a maximum of 80000 claim blocks. Purchasable claim blocks do not count against this total.

Types of Claim Permissions

Access Trust

Container Trust

Permission Trust