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How to Join the Discord

1. On Minecraft, join the server at play.cultivatemc.com

2. Use the command, /discord. This will give you a personalized link to join the Discord server.

3. Using the link, join the Discord server. You will know if you are verified if you have the member role, and can see the #general text channel.

4. If you need further assistance, ask a Staff Member in game.

Discord Rules

As per Rule 10, all of the server's rules apply on Discord. For Discord specifically, this is referring to the chat/community based rules.

Discord Bot Commands

!ip - Display the servers IP address

!website - Display a link to the Server's website.

!store - Display a link to the Server's donation store

!help - Helps you.

!vote - Enables the Bot to send you links to every voting site via Direct Message.

Discord Punishments

For Discord violations you will be perm banned on first offense, with no opportunity for appeal. It is ESSENTIAL, that you follow all server rules if you wish to be a part of the community. Losing access to the Discord means you will also be losing access to real-time server updates, news and announcements, as well as the ability to appeal other server punishments (Mutes, Bans etc).