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The server holds multiple events each year, including but not limited to Mini-events, off-server events, seasonal events, Build Competitions, and Scavenger Hunts. Prizes for the events vary, from in-game items to crate keys and Buycraft vouchers. Players can also hold events, however they will not be official server events, rules for such events are below. There is also a running event blacklist, which prohibits certain players from participating in events. If you fail to participate in an event you signed up for, or you break event rules, you will get added to the blacklist.

Player Event Rules

  • If you host a event, then you must provide the prize.
  • You cannot charge an entry fee for the event.
  • You may not advertise it as an official server event.
  • The maximum monetary prize pool is $50,000.
  • DM @Sam -_-#5511 on discord for questions or reports concerning player events and the rules.

Event History

Event History
Date Event Title
4/2017 First Annual Scavenger Hunt
7/20/17 Connect 4 Tournament
7/22/17 Hide & Seek
11/25/17 Super Secret Special Event
3/17/18 Aquatic Build Competition
4/7/18 Cultivate’s Second Annual Scavenger Hunt
4/25/18 Connect 4 Tournament
4/26/18 Cultivate Movie Night
5/09/18 Cultivate’s Medieval Build Competition
6/16/18 Connect 4 Tournament
9/01/18 Staff Head Hunt
9/20/18 Season 2 Goodbye Event
11/02/18 Pumpkin Decorating + Maze Event
12/01/18 - 12/26/18 Secret Santa Event
12/01/18 - 12/24/18 Cultivate's 2nd Annual Advent Calendar