Gen Buckets

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Gen Buckets are buckets, that when placed, generate a line of blocks horizontally, or vertically depending on the type bucket. Gen Buckets are not naturally obtainable in the game, and are offered via the webstore, crates, or vouchers.

Gen Bucket Vouchers

These vouchers can be obtained by opening certain types of crates (/crates), or by redeeming the genbucket kit. Keep in mind that the genbucket kit is a Rare Tier Kit and can only be redeemed once every 14 days. If you get a voucher you can type ‘/genredeem’ and trade the voucher for the type of genbuckets you would like. Pay attention to whether the buckets are vertical or horizontal.

Gen Bucket Type Chart

When redeeming a Gen Bucket Voucher, you have a choice from the following types of blocks.

Gen Bucket Voucher Chart
Gen Bucket Block + Direction Amount
Vertical Glass (All Colors) 256 Buckets
Vertical Grass 256 Buckets
Vertical Obsidian 256 Buckets
Vertical Stone 256 Buckets
Vertical Quartz 128 Buckets
Horizontal Sponge 8 Buckets