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The Item Shop is referencing the Cultivate Shop, in which you can buy various materials and items with in game money for added convenience. You can access this menu via /shop. The main purpose of this article is to outline the categories and main uses of the shop.

Cultivate Item Shop Tutorial

Here is a quick video showing the following features of the Item Shop:

  • Overview of the Item Shop Categories
  • Button functionality inside of the Cultivate Shop and Main Menu GUIs.
  • Showcase of how to buy Items through the shop.

Shop Categories / Functions

Blocks - This includes many of the core blocks available in the game, such as Stone, Cobblestone, Dirt, Grass and Sand. Various other blocks are also available here.

Wood - This includes Logs, Saplings and Leaves. This may include Stripped Logs in the future.

Decorative Blocks - This includes Terracottas, Wools and Concretes. Any block which could be used for building would be added here.

Glass - This shop includes all Glass Blocks and Panes, in all colors.

Spawners / Spawn Eggs - This shop includes most spawner types, and spawn eggs for these types. Also includes saddles, name tags and leashes.

Dyes - This includes all dyes in the game, with the exception of Bonemeal. Due to Bonemeal's effect on crops, it is located in the Farming Items Section of the Shop.

Materials - This includes ingots and materials, such as Iron / Gold Ingots, Diamonds etc.

Redstone - This section of the shop is dedicated entirely to redstone items and blocks. Items like Hoppers, Pistons, Repeaters etc.

Nether / End Items - This includes items that are commonly found in the Nether / End. Includes Soul Sand, Ender Pearls, and Nether/End blocks.

Mob Drops - This shop includes items that would usually drop from mobs. This shop is provided since mobs occur less often on our server.

Fishing - This shop includes Fishes and Fishing Rods.

Farming Items - This shop includes limited crops, Bonemeal, Lily Pads, and Food.

Items and Crate Menu - This is a small shop which includes links to Crate Menus, and Item Rename/Lore Vouchers.

Miscellaneous Items - This shop will offer items that do not fit the other categories in the store. This can often include items from new updates.

Enchant - This shop will include most of the Enchants available in Minecraft. Simply hold a tool in your hand and open the menu. Next, click the enchantment book which has the enchantment you want. It will apply the enchantment to the item.

Minis - This will link to a large Database of Decorative Skulls. Skulls are 500 in-game money each and are able to be picked up with Auto Pickup.

Repair - This button acts similarly to the /fix command. Hold the item in your hand and click the button. This will repair whatever item was in your hand for 5000 in-game money. If the item cannot be repaired, you will not be charged.

Donor Menu - This links to an extensive GUI which shows all of the Donation options available on Cultivate.

Day - This is a button which can be used to turn the weather to day. It costs 500 in-game money and can only be executed after 11pm in-game time. The button will not work before this.

Clear Weather - This is a button which can be used to clear weather in the map. It costs 500 in-game money to do so.

Song Suggestions - This is a way to suggest Music for /records. Enter the songs you want for /records and we might be able to add it to the menu!

Back Button - This button simply returns you to the Main Menu. All of the options and functionality of the Main Menu is shown in the video embedded above.