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Reputation is a feature which lets you leave brief reviews on your experiences with a player. They can be either positive or negative, and can be filed for specific reasons. Each player has a Reputation score, which is calculated based on how many positive and negative reviews you have.


  • /reputation - Will show your own Reputation Menu. You cannot add or remove Reputation from yourself, but you can click the middle skull to reputation left for you by other players.
  • /reputation <player> - Will show the specified player's Reputation Menu. You can add Reputation to them from this menu, or click their Skull to see Reputation that has been left for them.
  • /reptop - Will show a leaderboard of users who have the highest Reputation on the server.

Requirements and Limitations

  • You must have 24 hours of playtime to leave or receive Reputation.
  • You can only leave reputations once every 15 minutes.
  • You cannot leave reputations for anyone that shares and IP with you.
  • If a user pays or trades specifically for reputation, both users will be perm banned without the opportunity to appeal.
  • Any other abuse of the reputation system can also warrant a ban from the Reputation system.
  • Eligible players are able to add 1 reputation per player. You can leave and receive an infinite amount of reputations from unique users.
  • Reputations would be permanent, and can't be modified for the end user. Invalid reputation can be reported, and staff will make a decision on the validity.

Reputation Tutorial

Here is a short tutorial on how to leave Reputation for someone:

Reputation Top Leaderboard


Reputation System Preview