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Voting for the server allows players to earn a variety of rewards every 24 hours and helps support the server. Voting is accessible to every player. Each vote will earn you 5 diamonds, $3,000, 100 Claim Blocks, and 1 Enjin Point. Voting on the first link will earn you 2 Voting Crate Keys. You must have an Enjin account setup to gain points.


  • /vote - Opens a GUI containing six links to Voting websites.
  • /eshop - Opens a shop GUI that allows players to purchase Ranks, Commands, Sell Rods, etc.. This shop uses Enjin Points as currency.
  • /e points - Displays your Enjin Point balance.
  • /prizes - After voting while offline, using this command will allow you to receive your rewards.

Enjin Account | Points Tutorial

Need further visual assistance for this tutorial? Click here.

Step 1. Go to the Forums and register for an account here.

Step 2. If you needed to register, you will have gotten a verification email in your inbox. Open that email and click the link inside to verify. If you didn't need to register, skip this step.

Step 3. After verifying your email, go to your Profile. You can do this by clicking here.

Step 4. Look on the left side of your screen and click the "Characters" Button. If you cannot find it, add /characters to the end of your Profile URL.

Step 5. Once on this screen, click "Add Character".

Step 6. A drop-down menu will appear. Click Minecraft for the game portion. Next, you will obtain the code portion.

Step 7. Go to Minecraft Multiplayer and Use Direct Connect. Connect to the server, ""

Step 8. Wait a few seconds, the server will kick you with the verification code. Enter this code into the code portion of the drop-down menu, and click "Save Character".

Step 9. If you have changed your username and lost points, go back to the Characters screen from this tutorial. You will see your old character added to your profile. Hover over the top right corner of this character and you will see "Edit". Click this button and click the "Fetch New Name" button. This should update your account in Enjin, but is untested. Please contact Nolan if this fails.

Vote Sites

Want to vote for the server right now? You can do so at these links: