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Voting for the server allows players to earn a variety of rewards every 24 hours and helps support the server. Voting is accessible to every player. Each vote will earn you 5 diamonds, $3,000, 100 Claim Blocks, and 1 Enjin Point. Voting on the first link will earn you 2 Voting Crate Keys. You must have an Enjin account setup to gain points.


  • /vote - Opens a GUI containing six links to Voting websites.
  • /eshop - Opens a shop GUI that allows players to purchase Ranks, Commands, Sell Rods, etc.. This shop uses Enjin Points as currency.
  • /e points - Displays your Enjin Point balance.
  • /prizes - After voting while offline, using this command will allow you to receive your rewards.

Enjin Account | Points Tutorial

You can find out how to link your Enjin Account by clicking here or here.

Vote Sites

Want to vote for the server right now? You can do so at these links: